The archaeological site of Tulum: One of the reasons why the beaches of the Riviera Maya are the best in the world. Just on a cliff on the banks of the majestic Caribbean Sea is a walled city, spotless, a Mayan Paradise: Tulum.

His name was Zama prehispanic, meaning "dawn" in Mayan.

Revolved around the construction of their gods, for example, the Castillo and the Temple are figureheads representing the god, Ab Muzen Cab, or god of bees, or Venus, guardian of the coast and trade.

In Tulum and Cancun are separated a distance of 131 kilometers and although it is a trip not too long, remember that we are the closest hotel to the archaeological site.





Muyil archaeological site


At 30 minutes south of Tulum, is Muyil, also known as Chunyaxche, an archaeological site hidden in the jungle on the banks of a lagoon that has the same name. The largest archaeological site found to date in the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.

Muyil is a particularly attractive place to admire the wildlife of the central area of ​​the Peninsula, as Muyil is one of the best preserved sites of Quintana Roo where you will see blue butterflies, a rodent the size of a dog called tepescuincles, and flocks parrots, among many others.

The channel comprises 12 kms from the Caribbean Sea, to Muyil lagoon at the edge of which stands the Prehispanic settlement. Visitors can follow a natural path through the mangroves to the shore and climb to a viewpoint Wood where you can enjoy spectacular views.





Deep in the jungle, their pyramids and temples grouped around four shallow lakes, is Coba (water stirred by the wind in Maya), one of the worlds largest Mayan archaeological sites.

On the way back we called in the Grand Cenote, a sinkhole impressive for a refreshing dip and a dive site. Aktun Chen Caves, look out for stalactites and stalagmites. Are spectacular.

The park has a regional wildlife reserve and a reptile house (Snake Farm). Wild spider monkeys can sometimes be seen feeding in trees.





Soft white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters make Tulum an unforgettable visit, the beaches are ideal for sunbathing.


Tulum's beaches are among the most beautiful of the Riviera Maya for its stunning turquoise clear waters, white sand beaches, limestone in much of the coast, jungle, tranquility, nature.

1km offshore from the coast is the second largest coral reef in the world. You can get there by kayak or swimming from the coast with your snorkel gear.  © 2012 - Av. Ruinas de Tulum, #24, Tulum, Quintana Roo, México  -  Tel: +52 984 871 2256      tripadvisor100
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